Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Separation Anxiety

Wed 4 Jan 06 11:42
It's not just for children you know :-)

Today was my younger child's first day at full-time school. Hitherto, she's been going off to nursery for a couple of hours most mornings but, this morning, she's in her uniform and off to school for the whole day.

She's excited; I'm devastated. I don't want her to go and grow up. Well, I do, but I don't if you see what I mean. She is just so lovely at the moment and I don't want to lose my 'little' girl.

It was hilarious in the event; the kids were in the classroom chatting away excitedly whilst the parents took pictures, broke into tears (I manfully avoided this - thank goodness) and nearly had to be manhandled out of the classroom. We all then stood like a bunch of lemons at the windows waving and blowing kisses whilst the kids ignored us.

My wife is threatening to go and pick her up midday just in case she doesn't like it. I pointed out that she loves school, is with all her friends and would probably refuse to leave but logic and mums don't mix.