Monday, June 03, 2019

Name Change ?

So, I've had the online avatar Blackblade for a long time now.

The origins, as you can probably guess from the picture, are motorbike related.  One of the very first forums I joined was all about bikes and, at the time, I was riding a black Honda Fireblade.  Hence Blackblade.

Since that time I've had many bikes ... all Fireblades ... and all with sufficient noir in their colour schemes to just about qualify as Blackblades.

However, now, I've gone and done something unthinkable.  After over 25 years of a series of Fireblades I've bought a Ducati.

Now, this is a wonderful thing.  The new bike is astounding; ridiculously powerful (definitely track only for any attempt at exploiting its capabilities), amazing suspension, brakes that pop your eyeballs and it looks spectacular .... in RED !

So, can I keep Blackblade or do I need to change ?

Guess who's back ?

Time certainly flies.

Sitting at my desk, wondering when I last wrote a blog post ... and realised that it was years ago !

Why haven't I written anything in the interim ?

Well, I guess life gets in the way and laziness does the rest.

Let's see if I can get the next one out in less than a year !