Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eating your own cookie

I really should have done this long, long ago. My only excuse is .... well, give me time on that one, I can't think of one right now.

The reality is that I have never been a blogger. A commenter, most definitely, a blogger ... not really.

Anyway, I've been promoting coComment's tools for ages now, of course, without actually implementing it on my own blog. I've finally taken the plunge and, to my delight, it really is as easy as my team promised me it would be. I managed to get conversations, including video, up and running in about 5 minutes and I added in the external comments tracking widget, customised so that it only shows my comments, in another 8.

So, here it is, my newly coComment enabled blog. Not a great looking one, I'll concede, but proof that the technology really does work for the web novice :-)

Racing tyres are wonderful

I've always eschewed pure race tyres on roadbikes. I like riding in the wet, not least because the roads tend to be fairly empty, and therefore I've always had tyres that would work reasonably well on the road in such conditions AND the track too.

However, I was recently persuaded of the advantages of going onto Pirelli Supercorsas and, despite minimal tread on the shoulder of the tyre, they proved much better on the track and tolerable in the road despite near monsoon conditions when Richard and I arranged a rideout. One which, as an aside, everyone else bailed on.

At Snetterton recently though they had definitely 'gone off' and I urgently needed new ones before a trip to the kitty litter and medical centre beckoned. Unfortunately, the tyre guy only had the Supercorsa Pro SC2s. These are the control tyres for many Superstock championships.

Well, my eyes have been opened. The grip is truly amazing. At Oulton Park recently I managed to lap faster than ever and achieve angles of lean that, on the standard Supercorsas, would have seen me on the deck.

All I can say is .... "Yee ha !!"