Friday, April 13, 2007

Re:Publica Day 2

Despite my distinctly poor German Re:Publica has been an excellent conference that I've enjoyed hugely.

Three presentations in two days is quite a lot but the last one, under the aegis of the truly inspired and brilliant 'Powerpoint Karaoke', was so funny that I still haven't stopped laughing. That said, several people are giving me some distinctly knowing grins this morning after my lecture on the evils of European Bread (Remember - say no to bread).

Jan Schmidt, who gave, I thought, one of the most insightful presentations of the conference on day one excelled at the less serious topics too and my understanding of the oversized female shoe market has been well, if not actually extended, certainly tickled !

Looking forward to Day 3 and the chance to go back to work getting feedback on the proposed new version of coComment.